Our entire Portable bed range is made in or designed in Europe

Buy European-Style Rollaway Folding Beds

Below are the Stylish Fold out Beds we have on offer, click on a bed to find out more. All our folding beds are made in or designed in Europe. We have great Trundler Beds, the widest range avaliable of Foldup beds in New Zealand

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New Alpena Deluxe

80cm Width

RIOS folding bed single

RIOS Foldout

Single Footstool Bed

New Alpena Deluxe

90cm Width


Fold-Down European WallBed

This European WallBed is an innovative, space saver bed furniture system. If you’re looking for a space saving bed, our wallbeds are designed with Auckland apartments in mind.

Trundlerbeds have a range of folding, foldout beds that are designed with European comfort in mind. These fold up beds are the perfect solution for homes with limited space. Support and Durability are of utmost importance for these collapsible beds. We are in the space saving bed business.